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Oil Terminal

Capacity of New Terminal / Topaz (Galway) Terminal is 50,995 cubic Metres.

Galway Harbour has discharge underground pipeline facilities for Petroleum Products and for Bitumen. These two commodities accounts for 80% of the current cargo throughput.

Folan Quay presently handles the discharge of oil tankers of 4,500 dwt directly to two tank farms via underground pipelines . One pipeline is connected to the Leeside Terminal and is owned by Topaz/Chevron. The other underground pipeline from Dun Aengus Quay North is owned by the Galway Harbour Company and connects the quay with the newly constructed oil storage facility located at the harbour enterprise park. This facility was commissioned in 2009.

Dun Aengus Quay North handles both refined petroleum products and Bitumen. Tanker sizes at this quay being handled are in the region of 6,000 dwt. Bitumen ships are handling 5,500 dwt to 6,000 dwt at this quay.

Both tanker berths are protected by a modern automated fire fighting system generating foam via oscillating monitors.

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