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What is Being Suggested

What is being suggested for the redevelopment of the Port.

The Development proposed as part of the planning application will allow the following to be available to Galway Harbour Company:

  • 23.89ha reclaimed as quays and back up land and consolidated during construction and available for industries such as those listed in the introduction of this report.
  • -8m C.D. channel depth and a -8m C.D. depth, 400m diameter
  • turning circle.
  • 660m of shelterd quays with berths of -12m C.D. depth.
  • Western Marina with 216 No. berths.
  • Fishing Pier and Slipway
  • Nautical Centre Slipway
  • Freight rail link to enable freight and cargo to be efficiently transported to and from the harbour resulting in positive road traffic and environmental benefits.
  • Commercial Port formed.

The above proposal meets the following requirements:

  • Sheltered quays and craft stability while berthed.
  • Rail Requirement addressed in design from initial construction with consequent Environmental benefits.
  • The implementation of sustainable practices in design, construction, operation and administration of the proposed Harbour.
  • Removal of the current constraints restricting the size of vessels that can be received in Galway.
  • Remove oil vessels and oil terminal from the existing docks

The New Land Area proposed in the Planning Application will provide the following area breakdowns in yards, quays, open space etc :

  • Commercial Port back up Yard Areas = 6.45ha
  • Commercial Quay Area = 1.72ha
  • Harbour Company Warehouse and Yard Areas = 1.53ha
  • Future Oil and Bitumen Yards Area = 1.86ha
  • ESB & Security Yard & Fire Water Storage Area = 1.08ha
  • Marina Boat Yard, Quay & Village Areas = 1.83ha
  • Fishing Pier & Yard Area = 0.55ha
  • Roads & Access Area = 3.97ha
  • Rail Line & Embankment Area = 2.2ha
  • Nautical Centre & Slipway Area = 0.82ha
  • Passenger Terminal Yard Area = 0.34ha
  • Landscaped Areas = 5.44ha
  • Wave Wall Area = 0.28ha
  • Total New Land Use = 28.07ha (Entails 23.89ha of new land)

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