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Stage 1

  • Reclamation of 19.86ha of quay areas and back up land.
  • Formation of 400m quay – 30m wide
  • Formation of 200m quay – 20m wide
  • Dredging of channels to -3.5m and -8m Chart Datum (C.D.) depth.
  • Dredging of 400m diameter turning circle to –8m C.D. Dredging of a -12m C.D. Berth pocket immediately adjacent to the proposed Quays
  • Full new oil and bitumen handling capacity
  • Commercial Port formed

Stage 2

  • Formation of reclamation bund allowing for the reclamation of 3.21ha of additional back up land
  • Construction of rail embankment
  • Formation of 60m of quay - 20m wide (0.12ha)
  • Formation of Pier Head Breakwater

Stage 3

  • Reclamation of 3.21ha of back up land, and 0.7ha as fishing pier and slipway areas.
  • Formation of Marina Breakwater
  • Dredging of future Marina to –3.5m C.D.
  • Construction of Fishing Pier
  • Construction of Slipway
  • Construction of rail lines

Stage 4

  • Western Marina with 216 No. berths & 12 No. “Volvo” scale berths
  • Reclamation of 0.12ha of Marina Quay

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