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Employee Code of Business Conduct




 Employee Code of Business Conduct


An Employee Code of Business Conduct is a requirement by the Code of Practise for the Governance of State Bodies. The Chairman, on behalf of the company, is required to confirm annually to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport that a code is in place and is being adhered to.



The purpose of the Code is to help all Employees for the Port of Galway to maintain high standards of ethical behaviour and fair dealings with all individuals, customers, stakeholders, companies and organisations with which we interact in the course of our business.

The main purpose of the Employee Code of Business Conduct is to:       

Establish an agreed set of ethical principles by which we conduct out business.

To promote and maintain confidence and trust.

To prevent either the development of and/or the acceptance of unethical practises.

To adhere to the requirements of the Code of Practise for the Governance of State Bodies demanded by our shareholder.

The Port of Galway already has in place policies, procedures and guidelines to allow employees behave ethically and to assist employees in their interaction with individuals, customers, stakeholders, companies and organisations as part of their work in the Port of Galway Company. One of our guiding principles when dealing with others (both internally and externally) is that we treat them as we would expect to be treated ourselves with courtesy, dignity and respect and that we act with integrity in all our business dealings.

It is intended that this Code of Business Conduct together with the other policies and procedures already in place would provide all employees with the guidance they require. However, there will be occasions when some questions may arise and if there is any doubt about a course of action, the person concerned should contact the Harbour Master or the Chief Executive as appropriate.

It is expected that you will comply with this Employee Code of Business Conduct which has been prepared to help you understand and abide by our policies and procedures.

The Code of Business Conduct for Directors of the Port of Galway is consistent and supportive of the Employee Code of Business Conduct.

General Principles

In the Port of Galway, we are committed to exercising the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity in our dealings with individuals, customers, stakeholders, companies and organisations with whom we come into contact.  All Employees are required to demonstrate these principles in their work with the Port of Galway. These principles should be a guide to us in our dealings with both internal and external stakeholders and customers. In our work we should strive to carry out our duties in accordance with the following principles/guidelines:-


Confidentiality and information processing

Legal obligation/requirements



Care within work and external environment



In line with the requirements of the Code of Practise for the Governance of State Bodies and the guidelines for the Employee Code of Business Conduct all Port of Galway employees must:

Be committed to compete vigorously and energetically but also ethically and honestly.

Conduct the purchasing of goods/services in accordance with best business practise.

Ensure that the Port of Galway accounts/reports accurately reflect the business performance and are not misleading or designed to be misleading.

Avoid the use of the Port of Galway’s resources or time for personal gain, for the benefit of persons/organisations unconnected with the Port of Galway or its activities or for the benefit of competitors.

Do not acquire information or business secrets by improper means.

Not use either directly for themselves or indirectly to the benefit of others any information howsoever obtained either directly or indirectly in the course of their employment with the Port of Galway.

Not be involved in outside employment/business interests in conflict or in potential conflict with the business of the Port of Galway.

(The above requirement is not in any way meant to interfere with an employee’s membership of any community, charitable, political or any other organisation of their choice provided that the views expressed by the employee are clearly signalled to be their own views and not those of the Port of Galway.)

Avoid the giving or receiving of corporate gifts, hospitality, preferential treatment or benefits which might affect or appear to affect the ability of the donor or the recipient to make independent judgement on business transactions.

In this context the Port of Galway requests that all employees only accept corporate gifts or hospitality/entertainment in conformity with customary business practises insofar as the gift or hospitality is unsolicited and is not of significant value.

In all other cases, the gift should be returned to the sender, with a note advising that acceptance would be contrary to company policy. Details of returned gifts must be notified at once to the recipient’s supervisor.

Under no circumstances may cash be accepted by a member of staff.

Employees may not approach any company with which they have contact through their official duties seeking sponsorship or support for any club, association or other organisation. Management may apply discretion in the application of this rule in instances of small patronage.

If there is any doubt about a course of action, the person concerned should contact the Harbour Master or Chief Executive, as appropriate.

     Confidentiality and Processing Information

Employees must:

Respect the confidentiality of information held by the Port of Galway. This would include, but is not limited to, material such as commercially sensitive information regarding future plans or details of major organisational changes (or other changes such as restructuring); personnel information; and information received in confidence by the company.

Comply with relevant statutory provisions (such as data protection legislation etc.)

Observe appropriate prior consultation procedures with any third party where it is proposed to release sensitive information in the public interest.

Ensure that enquiries or requests from the media made either by phone call, email or letter are directed to the Chief Executive or in his absence the Harbour Master.

Support the provision of access to general publically available information relating to the Port of Galway’s activities in a way that is open and enhances its accountability to the general public.

     Legal Obligation/Requirements

Employees must:

Fulfill as required all regulatory and statutory obligations imposed on the Port of Galway.

Comply with EU/Board of Directors/Company detailed tendering and purchasing procedures, as well as complying with prescribed levels of authority set by the Board of the Port of Galway for the sanctioning of any relevant expenditure.

Comply with accounting and other controls introduced to prevent fraud.

Comply with accounting and other controls and procedures introduced to ensure compliance with prescribed procedures in relation to claiming of expenses for business travel.

Comply with company procedures for recording and submitting account returns.


Employees must:

Acknowledge their responsibility to be loyal to the Port of Galway Company and be fully committed to its business activities while mindful that the organisation itself must at all times take into account the interest of its shareholders.

Acknowledge the duty of all to conform to the highest standards of business ethics.

Support the company resource management in developing and fulfilling its commercial and social obligations to its stakeholders.

Report to management any harmful activity or omission observed in the workplace, whether involving fellow staff, customers, suppliers, managers or others.


Employees must:

Comply with employment, equality and equal status legislation.

Commit to fairness in all their business dealings, by valuing customers and treating all customers fairly.

Treat colleagues, customers, stakeholders and the public with dignity and respect.

Care within Work and External Environment

Employees must:

Place highest priority on promoting and preserving the health and safety of fellow employees.

Ensure that community concerns are fully considered.

Minimise any detrimental impact of the operations on the environment.


The Management of the Port of Galway Company must:

Circulate the Employee Code of Business Conduct to all employees and ensure that recipients acknowledge receipt and understanding of this code.

Make themselves available to employees to answer questions in relation to practical guidelines and direction on matters of ethical consideration which are referred to them.

Commit to review the Code of Business Conduct, as appropriate.

Commit to review the Port of Galway’s policies and procedures.

     Employees must:

     Familiarise themselves with this Code of Business Conduct and other policies and procedures which they are issued with and refer to them as necessary when carrying out their duties. They should seek guidance/clarification where necessary, from the Harbour Master or Chief Executive as appropriate.

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